dental cleanings

Cost of Dental Exam and Teeth Cleaning in Aurora IL

Dental checkups and professional teeth cleaning are quite inexpensive and should be performed regularly as recommended by dental professionals, every six months, to ensure your optimal oral health. 

The cost of prophylaxis or dental cleaning partly depends on the age of the patient, with children possibly having a different rate. Primary teeth in children are also prone to stains, plaque, and calculus, which means that professional cleaning is also important for their oral health. 

Associated Costs of Dental Exams and Cleanings

To determine whether deep cleaning is necessary, that is scaling and root planing below the gum line, an x-ray may be necessary to assess the extent of periodontal disease. That said, you don’t necessarily need to incur the extra cost of X-rays to go through a preventive procedure like deep cleaning. 

Your dentist in Aurora IL will determine which of these preventive procedures are necessarily based on your dental exam, after which they will be done in a single appointment together with your dental cleaning. 

Paying for Dental Cleanings

Most people with dental insurance are fully covered for up to two cleanings per year, as well as X-rays and a dental exam for new patients. For additional preventive visits, perhaps due to pregnancy, smoking, or other condition, you should reach out to your provider to determine whether they will cover the cost fully or partially. Combined with a proper at-home oral care routine, these dental visits help you maintain optimal dental health, reducing the risk of tooth loss and expensive dental procedures.