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How to Spend Less on Your Dental Fillings in Aurora IL

Dental fillings are a procedure used to restore the form and function of a mildly damaged tooth, following a chip, fracture, or decay. The dentist starts by removing any infected tissue and cleaning the tooth, and then fills the gap with dental filling material of your choice to restore the size and shape of the tooth and prevent further damage. 

It’s important to ask about the cost of your treatment so you can take the appropriate measures to save as much as you can. Here are some ways to pay less for dental fillings: 

Discuss Different Types of Dental Filling Materials 

There are different types of dental filling materials, and your choice of material will also impact the cost of treatment.

The safer, and more common and cost-effective option is the placement of composite resin fillings. These tooth-colored fillings cost a little more than amalgam fillings depending on other factors. But they are preferred because of their aesthetic result. 

Check the Extent of Your Insurance Coverage for Dental Fillings 

Dental fillings are mostly used in dental emergencies, so your dental insurance may cover it. That said, you may also need to pay some or all of the cost out-of-pocket. The dental team will examine your insurance plan to determine whether you’re covered for dental fillings, whether there’s a waiting period for the cover to kick in, and for how much you’re covered each year. 

Request a Price Match

Lastly, during your appointment, ask your dentist in Aurora, IL to give you an estimate of the cost of dental fillings in your area. You can also investigate the pricing yourself, and then choose the most reliable and cost-effective dentist in your area.