Laser Dentistry in Aurora and West Chicago

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Less Complications

LiteTouch™ is minimally invasive and non-traumatic, helping to avoid later complications. This new dentistry technology uses light energy that eliminates bacteria during treatment, and therefore guarantees fewer post-operative infections and inflammations.

No Vibration

LiteTouch™ treatments are carried out with light energy. As the LiteTouch™ is a laser and not a mechanical tool like the familiar turbine drill, most treatments can be done at a distance in non-contact mode. This means there is much less pain, with absolutely no vibration or scary noises - almost painless dentistry. It just sounds like popcorn.

Fewer Injections

Most LiteTouch™ treatments do not require anesthetic injections, as they are carried out in non-contact mode at a distance. This means that there is much less pain and sensitivity, and the laser does not overheat. It's almost painless dentistry.

Minimally Invasive

LiteTouch™ is exceptionally accurate and selective, allowing minimally invasive treatments. That means it can treat the designated area with absolute precision, avoiding unnecessary damage to the surrounding teeth and gums.

Friendly & Accepted

LiteTouch™ features a colorful, friendly design that puts patients at ease, making it especially suitable for children, as well as anyone suffering from a dental phobia. Improving the clinic experience of painless dentistry directly leads to more regular checkups and better dental health.

Future Painless Dentistry

LiteTouch™ gives patients the opportunity to experience the dentistry of tomorrow, today. Featuring world-first advances, this revolutionary laser technology is endorsed by experts around the globe and will soon transform patients' perception of dental treatments forever.